GOAL: To find a way to get students to look at themselves positively and to identify the strengths they have to make changes in their future.


Many students feel overwhelmed with the world.  When adults say "what would you do" or "what do you think needs to be done to make changes" they say "I don't know" or "I'm not a leader" or "I don't have any power", "I wouldn't know what to do", "nothing can be done."

Everything One Voice 4 Change does is done with the intent to empower students to succeed, to care, to collaborate, to advocate, to make a difference for themselves, their communities, and the world.


We are hosting a series of sessions designed to build awareness through guiding statements and questions such as:

"My gift to the world will be...."  

"Tomorrow I have the power to......" 

"My super power to make a difference in the world is....."

What we learn will be used to help young people identify all the good qualities they have and steer them to experts, mentors which encourages their dreams and helps them believe in themselves.


Many of our efforts support a paradigm shift from adult created content to student created content facilitated by real-world industry experts.