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Kriol Phrases


Belize Kriol (also Kriol or Belizean Creole) is an English-based creole language.


Kriol is the lingua franca of Belize and is the first language of some GarifunasMestizosMaya, and other ethnic groups. It is a second language for most others in the country.[3]


National Kriol Council


Kriol - Inglish dikshineri = English - Kriol dictionary




Wi kip hosh hosh bowt da kain a ting tu aafn.

Too often we keep quiet about that kind of thing.


Da weh unu di aagyu bowt now?

What are you arguing about now?


Di blak aakid da di nashanal flowaz a Bileez.

The black orchid is the national flower of Belize.


Ah stan op eena wahn aans nes ahn geh bait op.

I stood in an anthill and got badly bitten.


Eevn doa shee kyaahn kuk, di food mi tays aaraitish.

Even though she can’t cook, the food was okay.


Di food weh jrap pahn di grong wahn achrak aans.

The food that falls on the ground will attract ants.


Yu aatn du dat; yu noh fi tel lai.

You shouldn’t do that; you’re not supposed to lie.


Yu fi aalwayz bee kain tu adaz.

You must always be kind to others.


Da oal uman aalwayz paas bai mai hows

That old woman always passes by my house.


Ah wahn si yu layta den – bai.

I’ll see you later then – bye.

Ah wahn bakarop di kaa, soh moov owt a di way.

I’m going to put the car in reverse, so get out of the way.


Di baybi hat ih bambam wen ih faal dong.

The baby hurt his bottom when he fell down.


Bambu gud fi mek floot owt a kaa ih hala eensaid.

Bamboo is good for making flutes because it’s hollow inside.


Fi mee, di bes paat a di bambu chikin da di eg.

For me, the best part of the iguana is the egg.


Evri Fraideh Ah bang huki sayk a Ah noh waahn tek moa tes.

I skip school every Friday because I don’t want to take more tests.


Goh wash yu fays eena di baysn.

Go wash your face in the basin.


Yu di play bembeh bot Ai noh frayd fi yoo.

You’re pretending to be tough, but I’m not afraid of you.


Sidong ya rait ya pahn dis bench.

Sit down right here on this bench.


Wi aalwayz chek di weda bifoa wi goh owt.

We always check the weather before we go out.


Lat a mango wahn deh dis yaa kaa di chree kova wid blaasam.

We’ll have a lot of mangos this year because the tree is covered with blossoms.


Di hoal skai geh blak op kaa ih mi wahn rayn.

The whole sky got black because it was going to rain.


Di brait lait nayli blain mi.

The bright light nearly blinded me.


Dehn aalwayz blaym mi fi ting weh Ah noh du.

They always blame me for things that I didn’t do.


Haad breez nayli bloa dong mi hows.

A hard breeze nearly blew down my house.


Di bod dehn mi-di mek naiz eena di chree.

The birds were making noise in the tree.

Bokotora moov sloa pahn lan, bot eena waata ih ku moov faas.

Turtles move slow on land, but in water they can move fast.


Di man pik wahn bonch a flowaz fi ih gyalfren.

The man picked a bunch of flowers for his girlfriend.


Ih haad fi jraiv pahn da schreet weh ih soh bompi.

It’s hard to drive on that street because it’s so bumpy.


Wahn big blak chraiyantiloap stin di baybi.

A big black tarantula stung the baby.


Ah mi soh fraitn, Ah staat tu chrimbl laik leef.

I was so frightened, I started to tremble like a leaf.


Stap faas eena mi bizniz.

Stop interfering in my business.


Ah wish mi hozban mi az faytful az mi daag.

I wish my husband were as faithful as my dog.


Di oanli way yu kuda get deh da fi flai.

The only way you could get there is by flying.


Wi uda need wahn big amonk a food fi feed dis krowd.

We’d need a large amount of food to feed this crowd.


Unu mos neva frayd fi weh pipl seh.

You should never be afraid of what people say.


Da wai da big frong deh pahn fi yoo fays?

Why is that big frown on your face?


Da laydi aalwayz di bring gasip.

That lady always brings gossip.


Wen Ah luk pahn mi fays eena di glaas, Ah noatis sohn rinkl.

When I looked at my face in the mirror, I noticed some wrinkles.


Dehn rich pipl dehn haadli put eniting eena di kalekshan baks.

Rich people hardly put anything in the collection box.


Wat a kamoashan! Soh moch pipl mi-di baal ahn krai.

What a commotion! So many people were shouting and crying.


Di teecha kantinyu di stoari di neks day.

The teacher continued the story the next day.


Dehn kehr owt dehn plan jos laik how dehn mi seh.

They carried out their plan just as they had said they would.


Az eevnin mi-di set een, wahn klowd kohn dong oava di mongtin.

As evening was falling, a cloud came down over the mountain.


Mee oanli prowd a mi Bileezyan kolcha.

I’m very proud of my Belizean culture.


Di yong pipl mi ga wahn lat a gud koment.

The young people had many good comments.


Nais kool breez mi-di bloa owtsaid weh wi mi-di sidong.

A nice cool breeze was blowing where we were sitting.


Da waata reeli kwench mi ters.

That water really quenched my thirst.


Len mi sohn moni, noh. Ah noh ga no kyash pahn mi.

Please lend mi some money, I have no cash on me.


Ah wahn gi yu wan a dehnya noklz rait eena yu mowt.

I will punch you in the mouth with one of my fists.


Noh kay how lang ih tek, Ah wahn wayt kaaz Ai da wahn payshant persn.

I don’t care how long it takes, I’ll wait because I’m a patient person.


If yu prayz di chail, ih wahn laan faasa.

If you praise the child, he’ll learn more quickly.


Eniting deh weh moa preshos dan yu soal?

Is there anything more precious than your soul?


Aal a wi mi werk tugeda pahn di sayhn projek.

All of us worked together on the same project.


Wi mi prowd a fi wi pikni dehn.

We were proud of our children.


Rayz unu han wen unu waahn ansa kweschan.

Raise your hand when you want to answer questions.


Evri week dehn invait dehn fren ahn relitiv fi dina.

Every week they invite their friends and relatives for dinner.

Yu luk taiyad, soh rilaks ahn put op yu fut.

You look tired, so relax and put your feet up.

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