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Alfredo Muro's experience with the concept of a PEÑA, the mission of the D'Addarrio Foundation, and José Antonio Abreu's core values of El Sistema in Venezuela offer a path to empower students through the arts. One Voice 4 Change is currently looking at how our mission and projects could unite with these wonderful global visions of education and the arts.    













Key concepts from the Venezuelan program "El Sistema."

  • Scores - Music is arranged to fit the specific technical ability of each student, therefore allowing beginners to play with advanced students.

  • NO EXCLUSION - 100% of the students participate. Music is for everyone, not just the privileged minority.

  • Social - Students work in groups and the learning culture is a priority.

  • Function - Music is an essential part of the greater community and should bring joy to all.

  • GOAL: Changing, supporting and influencing the social and emotional lives of young people

When children are playing music together, all the differences in class, race, everything - they disappear. They don't exist anymore. For a child, it gives the message that unity and harmony in the world are possible, that war is not necessary.
                                  _ Tricia Tunstall, Changing Lives (2012)




“We must stop ignoring the just cry of the people suffocated by an intolerable crisis,” Mr. Dudamel warned. “I raise my voice against violence. I raise my voice against repression.”    Gustavo Dudamel


Culture, humanity, kindness, and the joy of learning will be served by combining these inspirational ideas and values. We hear the voices of those repressed and seek to bring people together to empower students.  

The D'Addario Foundation believes in the transformative power of music and that mentoring and building communities through music can positively affect social change.

Here is another interview that will help us understand what is possible.


STAY TUNED - We know something AMAZING is about to happen.  

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